Modern Rugs| A Perfect Home Décor

The world is modernizing day by day as culture and traditions are still followed by many peoples around the world. Home Decoration still has the same importance as it has in past. In the past women like to decor their homes with different accessories, but in the modern world, men are also interested in decorating their workplace or home.

Rugs as luxury with comfort

Nowadays people are seeking to own a luxury lifestyle but with that, they also give priority to comfy and cozy things. Comfy and cozy things are good for relaxation and anti-stressing as well, modern rugs are a perfect example of luxury and comfort.

Different variety of rugs

They are available in different sizes, colors, shapes, designs, patterns, and textures to fit your desire perfectly. They are portable and easy to apply to place. They are not attached to the floor and come off easily.

Types of modern rugs

The mid-Century artist thinks that art can be more than just a showpiece, and they try to make it more usable. So they put their artistic thoughts, emotions, and colors on rugs. On the other hand tradition of the hand-knotted rug is alive they have different textures and geometrical designs on them. Which are perfect for Boho chic, minimalist, nature-inspired, and tribal types of decoration. Some types of rugs have a unique way of preparation. Some of them are hand-made while some of them are prepared by using old rug waving techniques while some are prepared by modern machines. Some types of modern rugs are as followed:

  1. Artistic Rugs.
  2. Expressionist Rugs.
  3. Genaro Rivas Rugs.
  4. Mid-Century Modern Rugs.
  5. Modern Moroccan Rugs.
  6. Modernist Rugs.
  7. Swedish Rugs.

Types of yarn used in rugs

Modern Rugs can be made with three different types of yarn. Wool rugs, nylon rugs, and polypropylene rugs. Wool rugs are soft and cozy because they are made of natural fiber. Nylon rugs are made of nylon and they are highly durable and mostly suitable for offices or high footfall areas because they can resist dirt so well but they are also easy to clean. Polypropylene rugs are so cheap and easy to afford. They are prepared with the help of a machine. They are also soft and cozy but they are not compatible with high-footfall areas.

Where to place/decorate rugs in your place?                                  

Normally rugs are small and can’t fit in the entire room from wall to wall. They are thicker and heavier than mats while on the other hand, they are warm, cozy, and comfy as well. Peoples like to place them in their living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, lounge rooms, offices, shops, etc. So it will give a good impression to visitors. They also like to place it near the in-home fireplace, inside of doors, and in their comfort places. Sometimes they hang it on walls as well because rugs are so warm and keep the isolated freezing home. Rugs are more than just a piece of decoration.