How do you get rid of a blind pimple?

Having clear and healthy skin is certainly everyone’s dream, especially females. While some may be born with beautiful skin and need no specific facial treatment or remedy to have one, most people will have skin issues at some point of life such as teenage years or after a stressful event. In this DoctorOnCall article, we will be talking on one of the common skin issues known as a blind pimple.

Blind pimple may not be a familiar term as much as general pimple, acne, whitehead or blackhead. Blind pimple, as the name suggests, is a pimple that is hidden and usually not visible but can be felt by running a finger over the skin surface. Blind pimples develop under the skin surface. Initially, blind pimple does not have a head or pointy top such as other pimples but eventually it will become a head and erupt to form visible blemish. However, in some cases, blind pimples are in no way visible and may or may not be detected by touching the bump. Blind pimples often develop on the face, upper back or chest.

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Blind pimples, just as other forms of pimple can be annoying to most people. It may cause discomfort or some degree of pain on and around the bump. Hence, getting rid of it would make a person feel better of themselves and avoid the blind pimple from progressing into more serious issues. There are things you can do to treat this condition, below are tips suggested for you:

1)  Never attempt to squeeze a blind pimple. Squeezing it may cause permanent scars and risk the contents of the pimple deeper to the skin. This may increase inflammation of the skin as blind pimples are usually not the same position as whiteheads or blackheads which are near to the skin’s surface, this translates to the content of the pimple would not ooze out from the skin.

2)  Topical treatments. This kind of treatment acts directly on the skin by applying the treatment on the skin surface. Common topical acne medication includes benzoyl peroxide, sulphur, salicylic acid and retinoids. These ingredients can be found in most skincare products such as facial wash, serum, gel or face cream in drugstores.

3)  Making sure the affected area is clean. Avoid touching the blind pimple area and make sure to use skincare products that are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic or oil-free. Best to avoid heavy makeup that could clog the skin. You may want to try a pimple sticker or an acne dot sticker to help clear the blind pimple.

4)  Set appointment with a dermatologist. If you find yourself keep having blind pimple or getting severe, it is best to get advice from dermatologist. They can give treatments that can prevent further issues while making sure you are using the right product for your skin. Treatments may be more than just topical treatments that is found in the drugstore. You may be prescribed oral treatments such as antibiotic tablets and hormonal therapies. In some cases, they may prescribe you corticosteroid injections, chemical peels or light therapy to help improve the skin condition.

Blind pimples may take several months or more to clear and a person may get more than one episode of blind pimple in their life. As the wise saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. You may actually lessen the risk for getting blind pimples by taking preventive measures. This includes washing the face twice a day using a gentle approach such as not scrubbing the face, making sure the face is clean from touching sweaty clothing or dirty pillowcase and using skincare products that are gentle to the skin.

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