The Risks Of Insufficient Neck Support During Sleep

We focus primarily on sitting and standing when considering our spine’s health. 

While it is good to maintain proper posture while in either position, we often tend to neglect taking care of our spine while sleeping.

Many of us assume our body is comfortable enough as we rest in bed and that there is no issue, but the lack of proper support to our necks can pose several health risks. Using products made by Nishikawa can help prevent these risks.

But what if you choose not to have a suitable neck support pillow? Read on to explore the consequences of insufficient cervical spine support:

Neck Pain

Insufficient support to the cervical spine can result in neck pains. As more pressure and strain are applied to your neck muscles, you will eventually feel stiffness and extreme discomfort.

Neck pain can affect how we live a normal life, causing reduced mobility and disruptingdaily activities. You can prevent cervical spine discomfort by avoiding sleeping too frequently on your stomach or using AiR Nishikawa’s state-of-the-art neck support pillows to reduce strain.

Poor Spinal Alignment

It is common knowledge that standing slouched or poorly can affect the health of your spine. Additionally, sitting without a proper backrest or lying on your stomach can affect the natural curve.

Little do most people know that incorrect posture and lack of support during sleep can also impact the spine negatively. Depending on your sleeping position, you will need an appropriate pillow to carry the weight of your head and evenly distribute pressure points.

With an adequately supported neck, you can reduce spinal issues and discomfort caused by misalignment.


With the combination of aching neck muscles and sleep disturbances, the lack of neck support can result in migraines and tension headaches. Also, you could develop cervicogenic headaches, often caused by strained neck muscles.

You can easily avoid these head discomforts by sleeping with adequate support from the correct pillow and mattress.

Achieve Comfortable Sleep Today

Sleeping with the right sleep paraphernalia can prevent many of these health risks. If you want to experience an excellent and pleasant resting experience, we recommend visiting AiR Nishikawa and its array of advanced sleep products.