Complete guide about UAE driving learning process 

Driving is a really important skill to know in your life. That also should be carefully learned, to get the license you need to pass various tests and processes. If you are planning to get a license in Dubai, you need to pass various processes to know the best driving skills. You need to pass some tests for which you need to learn to drive at a proper UAE driving school that will teach you to drive professionally and enhance your driving very much. So if you understand the importance of driving and a license then you need to read this blog. because in this blog, you will read about various procedures and tests you need to go through to get a license.

Who can get the license?

A person who is 18 or above can apply for a license and needs to qualify for the license between 18 to 21. You need to submit your application in Arabic which is to the road and transport authority, by looking at your application if they find it reliable and applicable, they might issue you a temporary license that you need to carry while training period after you get your training best then you can apply for a proper license and hope for best.

The proper procedure to follow for a license

If you are planned to get a license then now you have to apply for an RTA-registered school that will continue your driving schooling by submitting all the relevant documents you can continue further procedures and qualify for your eye test with a thereby professional optician, this way you would get a temporary license so that continue your proper training, then you will have your training theory classes that you need to get passed in the test, once you passed your theory test you will get to learn in practical classes where you need to get lessons of road and highway practical lessons. After qualifying for this internal test, you will get a chance to apply for the final RTA test. If you qualify then you will get a proper permanent test. In case you cannot pass this test at the first attempt then you will need to pass all the stages again which could be daunting. 

Document required to register

Documents required to get registered are really important to have, otherwise, you might not get the registration first of all the Emirates ID, which could be a copy of the original. Then grab your passport copy, most commonly two passport-size photos. That test eye test you had qualified for, get its result and a final no-objection letter from your registering sponsor. These documents are really basic to have and you could be easily ready with them.

Test need to be passed for driving license

All the procedures must be followed and you must pass a vicarious test for qualifying driving license in Dubai. First of all, you will need to pass all the internal tests in your driving school then it will allow you to take the final RTA test. If you failed this exam then you need to pass all the internals again. It is really important to appear in the final practical RTA test, that you have already qualified for the RTA theory exam.


Driving is something you must know and need to legally qualify for the procedure to get a license. In Dubai, you need to get a UAE driving license category 5 to professionally drive. Although it is known that the procedure to get the license is quite difficult in Dubai. But this would enhance your driving skills to level. Before Appearing for the exam, you must already gather all the necessary knowledge.