Difference Between CNC and 3D Printing

On a fundamental level, CNC machining and 3D printing employ the same workflow: the part is designed with CAD software, and a G-code defining the machine operations is generated. Then, both devices must be prepared for the process, and post-processing may be conducted once the component has been manufactured. Even if these processes share some similarities, there are significant differences in production time, cost, labor force, and effort.

Various polymers are produced using CNC routing services in Perth and 3D printing, which has several advantages and disadvantages.

CNC machining removes material from a billet to create a net shape part, whereas 3D printing adds material layer by layer. Due to the difference in the process’s characteristics, the outputs of the completed parts are distinct, as are the geometric and precision specifications.

Generalizations have been made regarding the distinctions between machining and 3D printing in Perth. Milling machines are the industry’s most widely used CNC machines, as they can readily bring parts to precision fine tolerances. Typically, when discussing CNC, individuals refer to 3-axis Milling CNC devices.

3D printing can be less expensive than CNC manufacturing, particularly when 5-axis CNC devices are considered. However, 3-axis CNC devices are the most common because their investment costs are lesser. With the advent of 5-axis CNC machining, this subtractive technology has become significantly more efficient. Despite this, the investment cost for a 5-axis CNC machine is extremely costly; consequently, most businesses are equipped with 3-axis CNC machines or manual drills and grinders.

Combining CNC machining and 3D printing can expedite the production of complex parts with minimally refined surfaces. Depending on the material, 3D-printed parts can be combined with machining to accomplish extremely low surface imperfection or meet tight tolerances. Combining these two technologies makes it possible to obtain both benefits for the precise production of complex elements.

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