Gifts and Activities for Mother’s Day – Make Her Feel Special!

Getting the right Mother’s Day gift is something that is important to a lot of people as a way of expressing their love and thanks. That is why a lot of people turn to the much-appreciated hampers and baskets for their mothers day gifts, NZ. But it is not just about the things you can give them, it is also about making her feel special. Often what they love the most is quality time with you and the family. Here are some ideas you can try out to make her year.

Cook her favourite meal

Just consider how many meals she has prepared for you over the years! Maybe it is your turn to cook for her. This is something you could organize with family so you cook and eat together, or you can keep it just the two of you. Cook a traditional Sunday roast, something fancy like a three-course meal, or her favourite dinner even. You can chat with her in the kitchen but have her seated while you handle it all. Both of you could get dressed up, you could order her a hamper with some special wine and chocolates and enjoy that with the food.

Have afternoon tea

Most mums love to have afternoon tea. Scones, cookies, cakes, tasty jams, clotted cream, brownies with a bottle of something fizzy! Or get her a tea hamper as your option for gifts for mum NZ and she can drink some of the new teas from there. If you are not a baker you could even just find a basket that offers the afternoon tea experience and select one you know she would love. Set up a space either at her place or yours, or even as a picnic, and enjoy some special treats together.

Go to see a movie

How often do families relax to watch a movie after getting together, but mum is somewhere else clearing up, doing prep work or something else? Now you can make her relax with you, take her to a new movie that is just out, or find something on a streaming platform she loves and watch with her. If you are watching at home you could invest in a movie-watching hamper experience for her as a gift. Popcorn, drinks, favourite sweets, chocolates, crisps and such tend to be the usual options but if you choose to create your own you could personalize it with some of her favourites.

Have a family games night playing all her favourites

Next family games night includes her and play all her favourite games. You could combine this with another idea such as a meal first, or a movie. Everyone has to stay off their phones and devices so mum can get your complete focus. Give her your mothers day gifts NZ so she can indulge while you let her beat you at whatever you are playing!

Ask her what she would love to do with you

When you have selected the basket that works as perfect gifts for mum NZ you could then just ask her what she would like to do that day. Set aside time for whatever it is, gardening with her, taking her shopping, going to a park, a spa, anything!