The beauty of paint by numbers

It is a method in which a picture is split into numerous forms or portions, each with a number corresponding to a specific color or blend. The artist’s objective is for the completed result to materialize as the artist continues to add appropriate paint numbers to the desired spot.

The package often includes a shape-divided image, a little paintbrush, and the paint colors needed to create your painting. Check out: Malen nach Zahlen Eigenes Bild

Healing of paint by numbers

The pain by numbers The therapeutic and relaxing potential of the technique, particularly adult paint by numbers, has been noted several times by users.

Creative expression may considerably relieve stress in our bodies and enhance our mood.

Six ways paint by numbers enhances well-being

  1. An effective way to relax while working on the canvas.
  2. It gives the feeling of achievement after completing the project.
  3. Find friends with the same interests with the help of communities on social media platforms.
  4. Paint by numbers is an easy job with no complicated techniques. Hence, Anyone can become an artist.
  5. You can set up the finished canvas as wall decor.
  6. You can gift your designed piece to loved ones.

Custom paint by numbers

You can recreate a photo of your loved ones with this art. custom paint by numbers allows you to create a new way to revisit your memories. It can also offer as a gift to them.

The uploading process

  • Upload a good-quality picture with a simple background.
  • The picture with 750 pixels. The finders app can do this job easily with its tools to help you figure out the resolution of the uploaded image.
  • The picture should have lesser than five people for more clarity.
  • Good lighting images are essential to get the canvas right.

The Size of the image

The image you upload should be square, as it must fit the canvas. Some editing applications come to use to crop and adjust the picture in a frame.

Buying it for special occasions

  • You can Gift a family member or a good friend their special day.
  • You can gift paint by numbers to keep in memory of a special occasion of your family or friends, such as a wedding or graduation, etc.
  • Painting a canvas helps with stress and relieves anxiety.
  • One can use it as a fun activity that can be worked on in groups. The individuals can either take turns to complete the canvas or can work on separate images.


After uploading the picture you love in the app, you will receive a package with a canvas and a paint box with 24-36 varieties of colors of your chosen image. You can find the numbers outlined in each segment of the canvas in which one can paint.

You can use these paints with a fine brush on the canvas. Make sure to use the right shade for the displayed numbers in the segment.

This creative process drives us to achieve something valuable and to soothe the mind and soul.