Incredible Results From Soberlink’s Alcohol-Monitoring-From-A-Far Study

Soberlink’s innovative device is the first of its kind to employ data analysis to really provide results in remote alcohol monitoring. The Advanced Reporting feature in Soberlink will greatly improve the readability of the platform’s diagnostic findings. The new Advanced Reporting feature in Soberlink makes generating reports easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Using a high-quality breathalyzer, face recognition, and a wireless connection, Soberlink Monitoring developed a new and improved remote alcohol monitoring system in 2011. In terms of creating innovative items first, the market, the company’s new intelligence reporting function ensures it remains at the lead.

For a long time, the ease with which users could interpret the data of alcohol monitoring devices was not a primary concern. Selected individuals, such as those in addiction rehabilitation programs, workplace compliance experts, and parties in family court disputes, would have access to a month’s worth of data.

  1. Through the use of advanced alcohol monitoring, it is easy to sift through years of data on a single or a group of customers who have been under surveillance. Thanks to the development of automated technologies, jobs that used to take hours may often be finished in only a few minutes.
  2. The use of clear data and notifications from advanced reporting promotes child protection in the event of an emergency. Attorneys and judges that need to study and assess the results of the monitored client’s case will find the reports straightforward and useful.
  3. Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting is the most advanced and user-friendly reporting system available.
  4. The findings are clearly shown by green, yellow, and red test symbols.
  5. The results summary may provide one of the following interpretations: Verified, Falsified, or Failed to Produce Results
  6. On-demand reports may be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  7. Your whole testing record may be seen in one convenient location.
  8. At the end of each report, you’ll get a concise breakdown of the tests’ outcomes.

Advanced Reporting helps Soberlink achieve its vision of becoming the most advanced and user-friendly remote alcohol monitoring technology provider, furthering its purpose to encourage individual responsibility for sobriety, child safety, and sustained recovery.

Soberlink’s all-encompassing alcohol monitoring system is only one way it promotes individual agency in the realm of recovery. This tiny, state-of-the-art device combines a professional breathalyzer with a wireless connection, and it has features like face recognition and tamper detection as well as instantaneous results. If you or a loved one needs help with alcohol or drug misuse, or if your business needs to ensure that its policies and procedures are in line with legal requirements, Soberlink is the place to go. In order to confirm one’s sobriety and establish trust in one’s own recovery, Soberlink offers a reliable and trustworthy way. If you’re interested in reading what other people think about the Soberlink service, you may do so right here.