Teleprompter: Types, How They Work, and When to Use Them

Teleprompters are like special screens that help people read while looking into the camera. They make giving talks and speeches easier. Just think about reading a story to your friends while looking at them the whole time! But there are different kinds of these magic screens. 

Let’s learn about them!

  1. Big Event Teleprompters

These are often called Presidential Teleprompters. You might see these at significant events where someone gives a long talk. These teleprompters use two clear mirrors on each side to show the words from a computer or screen. What’s remarkable is that camera people can film through these mirrors. So it looks like the person is talking without reading! 

  1. Tablet Teleprompters

Some teleprompters use tablets, like iPads, to show words. These are good because they don’t cost much. But always check if your tablet fits before you get one! They are often put on stands. The mirror on these is very clear, so the words are easy to see from far away.

  1. Camera Teleprompters

Some teleprompters are attached right to cameras. These are great for live shows or videos. There are two main ways this works:

  • The camera goes around the teleprompter.
  • The teleprompter attaches right to the camera.

When people think of a teleprompter, they often picture this kind.

  1. App Teleprompters

Today, many people use phones to make videos. Some smart people use their phones as teleprompters, too. This is a good idea because phones are easy to carry around. With special apps, the phone becomes a magic screen! This is perfect for people who travel and make videos or those who make quick videos at events. Here’s why these apps are cool:

  • You can add many scripts from different places.
  • You can change the words in the app.
  • The words move at the speed you talk.
  • You can see the words in different ways.
  • You can use it anywhere, with or without the internet.

Choosing Your Perfect Teleprompter

Now you know how these magic screens work. But which one is right for you? Here are some tips:

  • Think About Your Goal: What will you use the teleprompter for? Making videos for fun? Teaching something on video? If you’re always on the move, a phone app may be best for you.
  • Ask Others: Talk to people who use teleprompters. They can tell you what’s good and what’s not. They can also tell you about prices and other details.
  • Make Sure It Works With Your Other Devices: Always check if the teleprompter works with what you have. Like, if you have a particular camera or laptop, make sure they go well together.


Why might someone want a teleprompter? Maybe they want to look professional on camera. Or they want to feel more connected when talking to their followers. Choosing the right teleprompter can help a lot. And if you’re in the big city, finding a Teleprompter operator in NYC could be your next step to making great videos!