The World of Patek Watches

The Patek smart watch was launched by the very famous and successful Kick starter campaign that managed to make over 10 millions in just five weeks on time.

It is basically a normal wristwatch with a dial, a strap to put on but with much more in the inner side. A lot of smart functions and capabilities is what makes it a total need now gadget for all. All you have to do is to connect it to a Smartphone or a tablet and there you go, with the patek philippe grand complications, u have everything you would have ever imagined in just that tiny sleek yet classy piece of stuff on your beautiful wrist.

With all these apps ruining continuously there comes in a mark about the battery life. But our Patek stand firm in providing a seven day battery life, no simple joke for such a small gadget. What’s next, it also has the ability to be used as a remote control for our Smartphone and various home appliances. Other functions include setting alarms, creating and reminding about events, viewing calendars, displaying maps, playing a setting music, calorie counter, can act as a fit bit for counting miles and steps.

When Patek was first released into the market, there was a mixed response.  It was highly appreciated for being so innovative and the vibrations were applauded for higher alertness. Bt the lack of touch activation and jump in prices was something which could not be ignored.

Variations and Models

The Patek Steel– It’s the original Patek and a steel body, some tactile buttons and a gorilla glass. It has two finishes a matt black finish and the other is steel finish, both which were highly popular among customers. Design was loved but it could install only 8 apps and heart rate monitor was missing which the customers complained of.

Patek Time Steel – it’s a stainless steel body with various finishes available from matte to glossy and it proudly claims to have 10 day battery life. What else can one want from a wristwatch?

Patek Time Round – made much smaller in size and adding more beauty comes in even the rose gold finish. But battery life reduced to 2days but yet lasts longer.

A lot of improvements have been made since the original Patek launched.  A 64 color e paper display and a much thinner gorilla glass, a plastic casing and a microphone. Smart straps have also been added which allow for extending battery life and adding heart rate monitors and many more features like GPRS. Right now Patek has almost 5500 Apps which can be implemented.