Identifying the 4 Essential Skills in an Exceptional Pilates Teacher

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What are the most important criteria when searching for a Pilates instructor? Start by thinking about your school days. What were the qualities of one of your favourite teachers? Next, think about your least favourite teacher. What made you dislike their classes?


Our preferences and needs are unique and personal. Regardless of their field of expertise, all educators must develop specific skills to impact students positively. It is also true for great Pilates instructors.


What to look for when choosing a Pilates instructor


Pilates Certification


A good Pilates teacher is well-educated and certified. Pilates is an exercise practice that includes over 800 challenging exercises. These exercises are often complex and require initial modifications to suit different body types. A Pilates instructor who is skilled in the art will understand this.


They can create a program incorporating your goals and objectives based on their years spent practising and studying. They can also modify movements to help students learn the repertoire while avoiding injuries. It is important to remember this when learning new activities.


Excellent communication


Look for a Pilates instructor who is well-educated, knowledgeable, and passionate about this work and movement. The best Pilates instructors use their passion for activities to inspire their pupils to reach their full potential. Understanding the Pilates repertoire and moving well is essential.


It is essential to translate that understanding into motivating words and images. A great teacher will help you feel the work physically and mentally. They will also show you where you should feel a particular exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a private or group class.


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Pilates Teachers Need to Know Four Skills Essentials.


The Pilates Method Alliance has identified that all Pilates teachers should possess four other significant attributes besides certification and communication skills. At Lee Pilates Method, I strive to improve on these continually. These are Observation (or observing), Communication (or communicating), Demonstration (or demonstrating) and Inspiration. Let’s take a look at them.




Pilates teachers who are keenly observant develop a solid and discerning eye for movements. For this to work, they need to be focused on their students or class at all times. They continue to evaluate their students’ alignments, muscular imbalances and stress indicators.


This attention and presence will encourage you to go beyond what you believe you are capable of. It is one of the main reasons for investing the time and money to get this help.



Your teacher will also move around the class, observing you and your fellow students from different angles and orientations. A competent Pilates instructor can monitor the group class and make necessary corrections.




Communication is the second skill. Successful communication for a Pilates instructor includes both verbal cueing and tactile cueing.



Using a voice quality and rhythm is essential that challenging students and helping them progress. Knowing the right amount of talk a student requires to absorb and understand information is necessary. A good verbal cue is specific.


This includes education without being overly technical. It is very effective to use imagery to avoid misunderstanding and convey information. Some examples are “hollowing”, “gliding”, and “imprinting”. These words describe the experience of action.


A teacher’s ability to give tactile cues is crucial in a Pilates session or class. Tactile cueing is the act of touching you, as the student, in a specific and appropriate manner. This brings your attention to a particular body area that requires muscular activation. This directs your brain to a specific muscle or group. Lee Pilates Method teaches communication using tactile cues.


Some methods, however, have a strict policy that prohibits any contact with students. Before placing their hands on you, your teacher should ask for permission. Tell your teacher at the start of your session if you prefer not to have your hands touched during a Pilates or movement session. The tactile cueing technique involves the teacher placing the palm of their hand lightly on the appropriate muscle group they want you to feel. Under no circumstances should you ever feel uncomfortable.




A good Pilates teacher will be able to demonstrate a move to motivate you and improve your visual learning. The demonstration helps you to understand what a particular movement should look like. By observing your teacher perform the correct movement, you will learn faster.


Your instructor should be in top condition to demonstrate correct form, precise movements, and ease of movement. Find a teacher to model what’s possible based on your goals and desires.


A Pilates teacher who is responsible will explain how much time and effort it takes to master a particular exercise. It takes years to perfect the Pilates curriculum. Your teacher’s demonstration should inspire you.


It is vital to follow their advice in understanding how long it takes to become competent. This will help you achieve your goals.



Enjoy the Inspiration


Inspiration is the fourth and most crucial skill. You will only come back if you are inspired. You could miss an excellent opportunity to change your life and learn profoundly. A teacher who gives positive feedback will inspire you and your students to make progress. Corrections are necessary for everyone to succeed in their endeavours. The non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging feedback can improve things more quickly.


It would be best if you looked for a teacher with a high level of energy to stimulate and motivate you. In a group class, your teacher should be able to boost the course while giving you the attention you deserve. A skilled Pilates teacher can motivate and cater for different levels within a category.


Pilates teachers should focus on your potential.


We all want our attention to be focused on our strengths, not our weaknesses. Ultimately, we will remember and value the teachers who have shared their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, whether in the Pilates studio or classroom. You will remember the Pilates teacher who gives you their full attention as they watch you—someone who can communicate clearly and concisely. You are motivated to keep trying and trying again if they demonstrate movement. They inspire you with their passion and encourage you. In addition to extensive knowledge and education, these skills provide the foundation for life-changing experiences. These outcomes can and will positively impact all aspects of your life.