Consider These Things For A Smooth Car Transportation Experience

Whether you are shipping a family car or an expensive and exotic one, you would not want your car to have scratches, dents, and paint chips when it arrives at the destination. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between various auto shipping companies. Choosing a reliable car shipping company ensures you have a smooth car transport experience.

Where to look for a reliable auto transport company?

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Things to consider before hiring a company

Make a checklist of questions that need to be considered before hiring an auto transport company for moving your car.

Investigate the company’s credentials

It is very important to check the company’s credentials on the Better Business Bureau for online reviews and authorized US state transport websites for license and insurance. Car shipping services need to have both a USDOT number and an MC number provided by the interstate operating authority from the U.S. Transportation Department. A reliable auto shipping company provides both an email address and a toll-free or local phone number on the website.

Mode of shipping

Understand the mode of shipping your car and take advice from the company’s logistic specialists. You can select between open or enclosed carriers. Cars transported in enclosed carriers have walls and roofs that protect the vehicle against dust, debris, and inquisitive eyes. This is a preferred option for transporting high-end, expensive, or vintage vehicles.

Open carriers use haulers with open trailers that are also considered safe with minimal damage risk. Up to 10 vehicles can be mounted, secured, and transported on these trailers. This is why it is a cheaper option than an enclosed carrier, although the latter may provide better peace of mind.

Avoid giving a huge deposit

Good car shipping companies will never ask for any kind of deposit. They insist on taking the payment only after the vehicle is picked up or dropped off. However, some small reliable companies might ask for a small amount as a deposit.

Transport damage coverage

All car shipping companies must carry liability insurance in case there is any kind of damage to your car during transit. Check this before you schedule a pick-up for your vehicle.

Prepare your car for transport

  • Ensure there is gas in the tank for the car to be driven on and off the carrier.
  • Check the antifreeze level for the safety of the car due to the weather changes it has to encounter during transit.
  • Take off any personal belongings from the car before it is loaded.

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, hence, it makes sense to research properly and ensure that the best car shipping company is handling the transportation.